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Coqui incense holder on ceramic sheet


Great piece of decoration!

Handcrafted ceramic incense holder with a coquí design on a yagrumo * leaf. 100% Puerto Rican handicraft product. Colors and details may vary. Limited quantities.

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Measurements: 3.5 "diameter x 1.5" high approx.


The yagrumo is a medium-sized evergreen tree, up to 70 feet tall, with a trunk 2 feet in diameter. The tree is native to Mexico, Central America, the Antilles, northern South America, Brazil, and Colombia. It is common in humid areas from the plains to the mountains of the cordillera. In dry regions it grows in hollows or sinkholes and drops the leaves during the driest period of the year. The fruits are consumed by bats and by about 15 species of birds that disperse the abundant seeds.

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