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Ceramic ornaments - BIRDS


Semi-round piece to hang on the wall with a design of endemic birds of Puerto Rico. Artisan product made by Puerto Rican hands. Different designs available.

Measurement: 2.5 "diameter approx.

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The Greater Booby (Saurothera vieilloti) may appear slow and unruly, but it is an excellent lizard and insect hunter. The Greater Booby is a large species, about a foot and a quarter long. Despite its size, it is easier to hear than to observe in the forest. Its slow movements make it difficult to locate among the leaves and branches. However, his signature chant, which sounds like a quick series of "cao", makes him hard to ignore. Ours is one of 140 species of its group in the world.

The Puerto Rican Woodpecker (Melanerpes portorricensis ) is indigenous or unique to Puerto Rico. It is common and abundant throughout the island. It measures up to 10 inches (the male is larger). It inhabits humid and dry forests, secondary forests, coffee plantations under shade, mangroves and forest strips near urban areas. It digs its beak under the bark of stems and branches to remove insects with its long, sticky tongue.

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