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Origin of the Puerto Rican flag

Book: Origin of the Puerto Rican flag

This book is part of the Collection Stories Series, which is designed to help students in their school courses by presenting information in a short and entertaining way. In addition, the illustrations give a graphic idea of ​​how people dressed, what their homes were like and how they worked at different times in our history.

Includes original illustrations for coloring.

Topics in the book

  • The flag of Puerto Rico
  • Antonio Vélez Alvarado
  • Puerto Rico
  • Cuban Revolutionary Party
  • Francisco Gonzalo "Pachín" Marín
  • Intentona de Yauco from 1897
  • José de Diego
  • Many more ...
For Educators
This book is an excellent resource for History, Social Studies, and Fine Arts classes.

More Information

Author: Eduardo Colón Peña
Illustrator: Eduardo Colón Peña
Pages: 23
Binding: Softcover
Size: 8.3 "X 11" < br> Language: Spanish
Recommended age: 8 years and older

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