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Book: Returning Christmas


Bring the magic of Christmas with this beautiful children's story in tribute to the composer Benito de Jesús Negrón. Written by Carmen L. Rivera Lassén

Includes puppets to set the mood for your reading.

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About the author:

Mrs. Rivera Lassén is the author of children's story books published under the Editorial of the University of Puerto Rico. She received the 2006 National Children's Literature Award from the PEN Club of Puerto Rico. His book Handicrafts, Melchor's Party, The Kings on Horseback were distributed at the Puerto Rico government's Feast of Kings in 2005. The book Pauet wants a cello was chosen by the magazine "Criticisms" as one of the best books of 2006. I'm chubby was selected by the Ministry of Public Education of México (SEP) to be part of the 2007-2008 Classroom Library Corner books. José paints the Virgin , has been presented at various cultural events in Puerto Rico and the United States and has promoted the study of the life of our first great painter. Net to set the mood for the reading.

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