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History of black slavery in Puerto Rico


This book is part of the series of stories to collect. It is designed to help students in their school courses, presenting information in a short and entertaining way. In addition, the illustrations give a graphic idea of ​​how people dressed, what their homes were like and how they worked at different times in our history.

Includes original illustrations for coloring.

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Topics in the book

  • Slaves
  • Black Slavery
  • Puerto Rico
  • Africa
  • Slave traffic
  • Slave population
  • The abolition of slavery
  • Many more ...

For Educators
This book is an excellent resource for History, Social Studies, and Fine Arts classes.

Author: Eduardo Colón Peña
Illustrator: Eduardo Colón Peña
Pages: 19
Binding : Softcover
Size: 8.3 "X 11"
Language: Spanish
Recommended age: 8 years and up


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