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Facade of the fireman's house on January 25th street


Facade of a firehouse on 25 de Enero street located in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Product made of wood and hand painted. 100% handicraft made in Puerto Rico.

  • Measurements: 5 "x 7" x 3 "approx.


Calle 25 de Enero is a Victorian street and community located in the Segundo neighborhood of the city of Ponce , Puerto Rico . The street is notable for its 39 red and black striped houses, the same color scheme used in the Parque de Bombas . The street owes its name to a historic fire, known as El Polvorín, which took place in the city that day in 1899. Since then, the city of Ponce has built these Victorian-style houses on this street for firefighters who lost their homes and for families who lost members who were also firefighters in recognition of their heroism on that day.

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