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We present our 80/20 coffees. This is made up of 80% Arabico coffee and 20% Robusta coffee. Both are fully harvested in Papamin Coffee Roasting, which is dedicated to roasting 100% pure Puerto Rican coffee, completely harvested on its own farm in San Sebastian. Limited production handmade.

This type of coffee allows you to experience the sweet and smooth of arabic coffee and the caffeine of robusta coffee. It is a coffee with good body and its aromas and flavors can vary based on the medium or medium-high roast that you choose. We both highly recommend them for colao coffee. We invite you to try it!

More information

  • Altitude: 800 p.s.n.m
  • Varieties: 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta
  • Available in Grain / Ground in 2oz / 8oz / 14oz packages.
  • Medium Roast (Red Label) or Medium High (Metallic Blue Label)

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