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Artisan Alcoholic / Bay Rum


Alcoholado, also called Alcolado or Bay Rum, is a mixture of malagueta leaves, alcohol and essential oils of eucalyptus, camphor and mint.

Available in 9.5 oz bottle.

It is used in many ailments and for this reason it is present in all Puerto Rican homes. You will find a bottle of alcohol in the medicine cabinet and on the nightstand on the island. ! It is part of our Puerto Rican culture !


We use it for many things!

  • A bath to lower the fever.
  • As a body rub or rub for muscle aches.
  • Smell it directly from the bottle for nasal congestion.
  • Headache relief. Apply cold from the fridge to your forehead with a cloth.
  • Refreshes after shaving and prevents irritation.
  • Relieve insect bites.

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