Handicrafts in Puerto Rico are diverse and varied and are organized into artisan lines. The lines are based on the main materials with which the craftsman makes his work and obtains the final product. Some examples of artisan lines are: wood carvings, ceramics, rag dolls, leather, needlework, screen printing.

Once you know the lines, it is easier to identify the different types of handcrafted pieces that are offered in the market. You will appreciate the dedication and effort behind a completely handcrafted product versus copied products made in large quantities in factories.

Mundillo talla en madera

As part of Galería Artesanal's commitment to provide quality artisan products to the public, there is also the desire for the artisan responsible for creating the pieces to be known. In this section you will find interviews, stories or stories from the life of the artisan. You will learn a little more about his biography, his career and his motivation to create. You will share how his ingenuity and dedication has led him to transform his ideas into products or pieces that he offers to the public. Pieces that will later become the source of his income and will identify his lifestyle. Works, which on many occasions, have made them worthy of awards, but above all, of the respect of his colleagues in the artisan world.

Read and discover what motivates the artisan, how his inspiration has led him to create unique artisan products, which are available at Galería Artesanal.

Written by: Linda N. Lozano Borrero
Reviewed by: Carmen L. Rivera Lassén