Artisan Gallery

It was born in 2014 as a proposal to reach shopping centers by providing the public with quality craftsmanship in a comfortable and pleasant environment where they can find the best of our products at affordable prices. We want to make sure that each of our visitors can enjoy the best of our culture reflected in unique pieces.

Galería Artesanal is a place where each artisan can exhibit his art and highlight the great wealth of original creations under traditional and contemporary lines. It also has a wide variety of original paintings, lithographs and serigraphs.

The range of Puerto Rican crafts is unique and varied in all its lines such as: ceramics, leather, textiles, wood carving, coconut jewelry and seeds autochthonous, needlework, coconut and fig work, typical sweets, among others.

We have renowned artisans from all over the island, who educate and serve the public by offering personalized treatment to everyone who visits us. We currently have the participation of more than 150 Puerto Rican artisans. This to ensure that you will find a great diversity of unique and high quality pieces.

Different workshops are also offered in different lines such as: painting, carving of saints, world, rag dolls, clay around , embossed metal, among others, in order to educate and at the same time enliven the public's interest in our traditional arts.

Now our effort extends to make ourselves known through virtual platforms. We want to highlight the creativity that enriches and distinguishes our Puerto Rican culture through each of our pieces.

We hope you enjoy the great collection of products we have to offer. We appreciate the support and sponsorship of our Puerto Rican artisans.

Artisan Gallery always committed to our culture!