See you soon to our Christmas Artisan Village!

Today we say ' See you soon' to the exhibition of our Villa Artesanal Navideña in Plaza Rio Hondo in Bayamón. This exhibition was accompanied by a poster that read like this:

Villa and collection of Christmas prints.
It's Christmas, it leads us to admire a villa and collection of Christmas prints by the artisan Ramón Avila Torrado. This collection has been under the care of Galería Artesanal. In the premises that the Gallery has occupied, the villa that occupied the back of the store, the showcases and now adorns the corridor of the shopping center has been exhibited in a special way.
The assembly has always been a careful one by Ramón. This year the help of the artisan Nilda Borrero and her daughter, Linda Lozano, has been very important and special. It has a large number of individual pieces, music boxes, Puerto Rican crafts, samples of births from all over the world, scenes carved in ceramics of Puerto Rican life and culture. A special part of the assembly, as it has been in previous years, are the old González Padín dolls. They change their outfits according to the theme of the village.
This year the Christmas tree shows in its branches the pieces selected by Ramón. With due physical distancing, when approaching to observe the assembly, you can admire: the skaters, European houses and towns, miniature figures, theaters, diversity of births, ceramic pieces created by the craftsman and fellow exhibitors. With every glance, he will bring out a piece that has not been noticed before. Therefore, a careful visit is mandatory.
At the foot of the tree are scenes where the González Padín dolls show their finery. They dance to the sound of Christmas carols and songs, receive the Three Holy Kings, announce the birth of the Child Jesus and carry their celebration until the octavitas. The dolls always promote the reading of children's stories and listening to the typical music of the season. Christmas books and recordings will be available at Galería Artesanal.
Note written by: Carmen L. Rivera-Lassén

The exhibition of our Christmas Artisan Village will violate, as it has traditionally been done, for the enjoyment of all. For now we say, see you soon!

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