Artisan Gallery in support of ours

From its beginnings, Galería Artesanal emerged as a proposal to support our artisan community. At that time, our vision was to bring 100% handmade products to the Puerto Rican public in a centralized space available to everyone. This desire has allowed us to take root in Plaza Río Hondo in Bayamón PR, 4 years ago.

Galería Artesanal, has always been committed to supporting our local community. Especially to our young artisans, who with their creativity propose innovative and refreshing works that highlight our culture by taking it to another level. It is they who represent the future of our Puerto Rican culture.

We say present, by supporting our artisans in the southern area of ​​Puerto Rico in the face of the difficulties that have arisen, giving a space where they can sell their products and generate income.

This commitment has perpetuated, giving space to the great artisan community that we are today. We maintain our focus from day one on bringing quality artisan products without losing contact between artisan - client. In order to educate our public about our arts and our culture.

Today we have the visit of thousands of people who are amazed with this concept and with the wide variety of products that can be found in one place.

We want to continue bringing the best of our Puerto Rican culture to every corner of the world. This is why we want to invite you to visit our physical or virtual store and to follow us on all our virtual platforms.

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