Meet the Craftsman: Pablo Maysonet

-Like a paper ship and the wind has taken me to unimaginable frontiers-, this is how the artisan Pablo Maysonet describes his beginning in the artisan world. In 1972, he began making tablecloths for the National Brotherhood of Puerto Rican Artisans and Artisans. By 1979 he was part of the circuit of the handicraft fairs around Puerto Rico. He thus he participated in festivals such as: El Grito de Lares, Claridad Festival. He exhibited his work at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, which led him to better understand Puerto Rican culture and its importance in politics. This became part of his lifestyle.

Her first encounter with him with screen printing was in an elective class at school. Later, he discovered the Ramírez Commercial Art Workshop, where he began as an apprentice. Self-taught and very curious, he managed to be in charge of important printing works such as the work “Ramón Emeterio Betances” by the artist Lorenzo Homar. He would later become his mentor. For Pablo, the word is the most important element with which his craftsmanship stands out. Work that he exercises with the help of his wife and partner Elizabeth Ocasio.

Maysonet tells us that in the 70's, it was a blessing to have the master craftsmen from a community where a lot of knowledge was shared. The 80's describes them as the golden age of crafts in sales and achievements, - highways were built for the artisan market, which we see today.- In the 90's, there was still glory and good income, but the Government closed the Muñoz Rivera Park market. This complicated the participation of many artisans. It eliminated the meeting point of many Puerto Rican families to enjoy free activities and the artisan workshops that were offered in the place.

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In 2010, he participated in a meeting where the Artisan Gallery project was proposed to him. Together with other artisans present, he saw it as an excellent proposal to: keep the artisan world alive, be able to reach more public and promote love for our popular arts. -The creation of the Gallery provided the opportunity to expand the market. It became a point where you can find a handmade product on a daily basis.-

Pablo Maysonet has silkscreen pieces in different countries, in spaces such as: Museum of Havana and Museum of Moscow. Important personalities such as: Alberto Cortés and Ernesto Cardenal filled this great artisan with joy, having one of his shirts. He has received several awards such as: Artisan of the Year in Trujillo Alto and awards in: San Sebastián Street Festivities, Barranquitas National Fair, Jayuya Indigenous Festival. He was honored with a Promotion Poster in its 41st edition.

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For Pablo, -The basis of everything has to be based on commitment. I got to commit to the artisanal environment. Dedication and discipline is the key to success, to show all fellow craftsmen that you can make a living from crafts, as long as you have these three elements.-

We already know a little more about our craftsmen. Now we can understand his management and contribution to the Puerto Rican artisan world. Let's continue to know what motivates them to continue promoting love for our arts and our culture.

For this reason, we invite you to keep an eye on our next interviews in our section: "Meet the Craftsman" in our Artisan Gallery blog.

Interview by: Linda N. Lozano Borrero
Reviewed by: Carmen L. Rivera Lassén


Felicitaciones mi buen amigo y compañero Artesano Pablito. Gracias por tu aportación a la cultura de nuestro país. El Señor te bendiga abundantemente.

Norma Gómez August 06, 2021

Pablo es unos de los maestros artesanos de nuestra isla más noble y desprendido que he visto. Un ser humano único. Gracias Pablo, por tu historia y amistad.

Waldemar Rodríguez August 06, 2021

Buen artesano mejorser humano.
Desde Pepino cuna del festival de la hamaca

Mariatorres August 06, 2021

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